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Q: What is the Economic Stability Dividend and how does it relate to my pay?

A: The Economic Stability Dividend is a wage increase separate from and in addition to the specific percentage increases that were bargained locally. It “shares the benefits of economic growth between employees in the public sector and the Province contingent on growth in BC’s real GDP.” It is a General Wage Increase equal to “one-half (1/2) of any percentage gain in real GDP above the forecast of the Economic Forecast Council for the relevant calendar year.” If you would like to see the current pay scale including the Economic Stability Dividend, please contact Joan Kaun. (See Memorandum of Understanding Re: Economic Stability Dividend (ESD) in the Common Agreement.)

Q:  How long must a period of inactivity be before Faculty Member is removed from the “Seniority” list?

A: Seniority will be lost if a break of service of more than twenty (20) months occurs.  (Collective Agreement:

Q: What are all these acronyms?

Acronym Meaning More Information
CAUT Canadian Association of University Teachers One of our affiliate organizations.
CORFA College of the Rockies Faculty Association The name of our Faculty Association
FPSE Federation of Post-Secondary Educators The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC is the provincial voice for faculty and staff in BC universities, colleges and institutes, and in private sector institutions.


Q: What is a functional area?

Functional areas are specific areas of work. Every Regular Faculty member is listed on the Seniority List under at least one Functional Area and sometimes under two Areas.

In 2012, CORFA prepared a Backgrounder on Functional Areas that provides additional information.

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