The CORFA Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, at the Cranbrook Golf Course.  As well as the important business of Elections and Policy updates, we are pleased to welcome two guests from FPSE: Terri Van Steinburg, Secretary-Treasurer, and Norman Gludovatz, Staff Representative.

If you have time for some pre-reading, all the materials for the meeting can be found here:

The Agenda, Minutes, Budget, and the Financial Statements can be found here: (printed copies will be available at the AGM)

CORFA AGM Package April 21 2016

Along with Executive and Committee Elections, there will be 4 Policies up for debate at the AGM (printed copies of all draft policies will also be provided at the meeting):

  1. Conflict of Interest – this policy was discussed at the last General Meeting.  An amendment was made to address the concern about the storage of a letter
    Draft CORFA Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  2. Harassment – this is a new policy, modeled after FPSE’s Harassment Policy. It is NOT intended to replace COTR’s Harassment Policy.  Rather, it is simply for CORFA events which would not be covered by the College policy.
    CORFA Harassment Policy Draft 2
  3. Faculty Development Guidelines – The first round of revisions were presented at the February General Meeting.  Those changes are all still in this draft.  The new changes have to do primarily with inserting Collective Agreement references and articulating the FD Coordinator responsibilities.
    FD Guideline Changes Draft 2
  4. Proposed Changes to Policies already in Policy Book – We do an annual Policy Book review.  These proposed amendments are minor changes or simply make clear what is already practice.
    Policy Booklet – April 2016 updates

Lastly, here are the Committee and Executive Written Reports (since the last General Meeting).  These reports are for your information but will not be printed for the General Meeting.

Reports Compiled for the CORFA AGM 2016