April 2019 – Conversation Cafe

At the conversation cafe held on April 24th, Leslie Molnar gave a short presentation of the results of the CUPE/CORFA survey, and then the attendees broke into discussion groups and discussed the following four themes that came out of the survey.  Please take the time to watch the video and share your thoughts on the following themes with benheyde@gmail.com, as we are compiling responses with the hope of sharing them in a summative way with COTR management.

#1 – Survey results show many people feel the amount of work they are doing in their same job has increased and/or has become more complex. Concerns raised were about time, resources, staffing, and work-life balance.

#2 – Survey results have shown a strong disconnect between the leadership President’s Council thinks it is providing and the actual leadership and effects on actual work employees feel PC provides. 

#3 – Survey results show concerns regarding employees’ work being valued, about inadequate avenues to raise and address concerns, about fairness and respect, and about lack of consultation and input.

#4 – Strategic Plan and Values – Survey results show many employees don’t understand how their work fits with the Strategic Plan or how President’s Council decisions reflect the College’s guiding values. They also feel like upper management does not hear nor seek their input.