Our friends at UFV Faculty Association ran a “30 Drops Out of the Bucket” campaign, awarding $1000 to each the 30 students with the greatest student debt load. For more information on this campaign and an article about the winner, follow the links below.

30 Drops Out of the Bucket Contest Reveals Shocking Student Debt Loads

Former UFV student with $170,000 debt says B.C. government should do more

  Here are some surprising facts about student debt that came out of this contest: 

1)      It only takes 10 UFV students to rack up a million dollars in student debt!

2)      Each $1,000 prize only covers one month’s payment of the average debt of the 30 winners. A “drop in the bucket” amounts to one month reprieve on a ten-year payment.


A histogram of the debts of the 30 award winners.

It’s time to Open the Doors.  #OpenTheDoors