The provincial election is on May 9 – only five weeks away!

Here are five things you can do to get involved:
1. Make sure you and eligible family members are registered to vote. Visit the Elections BC website.

2. Talk with your colleagues, family, friends, neighbours, and students about the issues that concern you as an educator and as a member of your community. Contact us for talking points if you need help.

3. Pick an issue that concerns you and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. State the issue and illustrate it with information about how it affects your community, your workplace, your life. Remember: real life examples are much more powerful than impersonal theories and stats. Contact us for a copy of a Letters to the Editor Guide.

4. Find out who the candidates are in your constituency. You may see them campaigning at shopping centres, on street corners, at all-candidates meetings, and maybe at your own front door. Take every opportunity to ask candidates questions about the issues that concern you. Hold them accountable by asking: What will you do to….? Will you do…?

5. VOTE! Make it a family affair: bring all the eligible voters in your household to the polls with you.

FPSE · BC, Canada